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TW Series Single Shaft Shredder

1.Single shaft shredder, suitable for shredding hard-to-break solid materials,such as rubber heads, thick plates, thick-walled pipes, tree poles, film materials and winding materials. It can also be used for general plastic shredding. 

2.Choose different types of blades roll structures according to the materials to be processed, such as ordinary blades rolls, film blades rolls, hard material blades shaft, etc. After the blade is worn, it can be used in a different direction.

3.Through hydraulic control, the push box repeatedly pushes the material to the blades shaft.

4.Multiple protection of machinery and electrical appliances, in line with CE standards.

5.Adopt hardened gear box, safe and stable, equipped with water cooling function.

6.The bearing extraposition , effectively preventing dust from entering the bearing, and Set regular fillers.

7.The shredded materials can be directly recycled or subjected to secondary shredding by the shredder as required. 

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