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TLD Series Open Type Crusher

1.For large barrels, large plastic shell crushing recycling development design. (such as chemical barrel, suitcase, plastic shell of large household appliances).

2.The blades shaft adopts advanced and reasonable V-shaped cutting design, and the unique Angle of the hopper can send the crushing material directly to the cutting edge to avoid the impact of the material on the side wall, but also enhance the wear resistance of the side wall, and reduce the crushing dust.

3.Opening design of crusher chamber, large capacity; blade/screen maintenance and replacement operation is convenient.

4.Models TLD6250 and below use Mounted Bearings, model TLD8356 use independent gland bearing seat, load-bearing and oil seal device, add sound insulation baffle, which can effectively reduce vibration and noise, and ensure that materials are not polluted by oil;

5.The plastic crusher can be equipped with auxiliary equipment, such as: conveyor belt, immediate recycling system, immediate recycling dust removal system, metal separator, powder screening system, etc., and Accept non-standard customization.

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