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TLPP Series Low Noise Crusher

1.Low noise plastic crusher are suitable for crushing all kinds of plastic materials, including waste produced after injection molding, blow molding or extrusion molding.

2.The crusher adopts fully enclosed structure and is equipped with sound insulation device, which can effectively reduce the noise generated during crushing. At the distance of 1000mm from the crusher, the noise value is about 80-90dB when crushing soft plastics, and about 85-105dB when crushing hard plastics.

3.The appearance design is beautiful and generous, and the current relay, motor overload protection and multiple safety protection devices are installed.

4.High-quality Alloy steel blades, good toughness, wear-resistant, adjustable blade expansion,It can be used repeatedly.

5.Various blades structures can be configured according to different material requirements.

6.The plastic crusher can be equipped with auxiliary equipment, such as: conveyor belt, immediate recycling system, immediate recycling dust removal system, metal separator, powder screening system, etc., and Accept non-standard customization.

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